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“Mod pls ban”

When I announced to my local gaming group on Facebook that I had decided to do another 100 x 1 challenge with new-to-me games, they threatened to ban me. It’s almost like they didn’t enjoy helping me pad out my list with short games of dubious quality!  (See SutakkuLord of the Rings: Journey to MordorHappy Salmon – which is a high quality game tyvm, Joking HazardDeer in the HeadlightsDiscount Salmon…)

Honestly I didn’t mind the crappy games. Playing stupid games with people you like is better than playing good games with no friends, and I always want more laughter in my life, even if we’re only laughing to alleviate the pain!

I’m also going to help that challenge along by including my list of plays each of the games in my collection. If I don’t play it by the end of 2018, it’s out of the collection (unless I have a really good reason, like the Queen of England herself gave it to me, or it’s Monopoly and who doesn’t own Monopoly?)

If nothing else this will be a good test of who my real friends are!