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Urban Planning and Psych(ot)ic Visions

Last night our fearless leader Matt was out sick, but we persevered. After a long game of what I like to call “The Deciding-Which-Game-to-Play Game”, four of the menfolk decided to start with a game of Hearts, and the rest of us settled on Suburbia. I was pretty pleased because it’s a game that’s been on my “to learn” list for a while but whenever it’s come out I’ve either not felt like playing it or been more interested in something else. Considering we have a copy at my house I probably should have played it long ago but whatever.

In this game, I learned that I am not very good at city planning. I built a very pretty city, and scoffed at my neighbors’ cities filled with ugly airports and commercial parks. I started off well enough, and for a bit I was even leading the pack. My Redistricting Office ensured that I was in a significant lead for the middle part of the game.

But then, I discovered that building a city is much like racing horses as a Pocket Card Jockey. If you’re not careful to take it slow and steady, you will start using your resources faster than you can store them up, and in the final stretch you will get passed by the cities that played the long game, while you limp across the finish line with zero income, zero reputation, and nothing left but crushed dreams.

By the time we finished, the game of Hearts had been long over and they had moved on to Kingsburg. While the rest of us waited for them to finish up the last year and a half, we played a brief game of Qwixx. For a Gamewright game, Qwixx gets a lot of play in my circles – it’s one of my favorite fillers, actually. Good combination of quick and strategic, aesthetically pleasing, and not relying on bidding (which is not my favorite mechanic in the world). I was pretty pleased with my final score of 75 except that Byron managed to score a ridiculous score of 115. What even.

Qwixx and Kingsburg finished at about the same time, so we mixed it up a little. Half the group finished off the evening with a game of Dungeon Dice, and I managed to convince a group to play my 11th game of Mysterium with me. I’ve written about that more on my 100 Plays blog, but in short: we tried Hard mode for the first time, and lost, but not for lack of trying valiantly.

Another night of gaming complete! Tonight a friend is visiting from Nashville, so a few of us are gathering for dinner and maybe even some games (shock!).