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Blogs & Podcasts

Innroads Ministries is a growing and evolving organization. Check out their site for articles, a weekly podcast, events, and other resources.

Game Store Prophets is a bi-weekly podcast discussing the intersection of Christian faith and the gaming hobby

Geek and Sundry – weekly YouTube shows, forums, and more focused on various areas of gaming culture, including Wil Wheaton’s weekly board game show Tabletop

Shut up & Sit Down is a well-known tabletop gaming resource with videos reviews and a weekly podcast

Where to Buy Games

Cool Stuff Inc. has great deals, free shipping over $100, frequent sales. Board games, tabletop RPGs, miniatures, CCGs/LCGs, gaming accessories

Drive Thru RPG is the largest RPG download store, has both mainstream and indie titles

Dragon’s Trove specializes in out of print roleplaying games.


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