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Tuesdays are generally light on gaming for me, so I thought this would be a good chance to share a few additional links.

100 Play Challenge – Mysterium

As I mentioned before, I am challenging myself to play Mysterium 100 times. No timeline, although I’d certainly like this challenge to not go on for so long that I lose interest.

“That’s crazy, April-Lyn! Why would you do that??”

Because I’m a bit sadistic, I suppose. And also because I’m looking forward to the deeper understanding and appreciation for the game that I should get from playing a game that intensely. Also should be a good way to see who are the real friends who stick by me even when they’re sick of my predictable game choices!

Here’s the link the blog I’m keeping to record all my play details and thoughts as I delve deeper and deeper into the madness of this challenge: 100 Play Challenge – Mysterium

Board Game Geek Top 10 Games Challenge

This is a personal challenge I made with myself, to play all the games in BGG’s top ten by the end of 2016. More specifically, to play the ones I hadn’t already played, as I was at least half way through the list at the beginning of the year. As games move in to the top ten, I’ve been adding those at my discretion depending on how interested I am in playing them. Star Wars Imperial Assault has never made the cut for me, and fortunately for me it has been bumped out of the top ten! The #1 game from that list that I want to play is Twilight Struggle, because it’s in a category of games I have zero experience with. Also because it has such an opinionated and stubborn fanbase, I’m curious to see what the fuss is all about.

The geeklist for that challenge is here: Top Ten Games Challenge 2016

Other Games I Want to Play

I keep a geeklist of all the games that people recommend to me or that strike my fancy for some other reason. Recently I decided to not remove the games from the geeklist once I’ve played them, but instead add a comment with my initial thoughts and the dates I finally played them.

I need to find a better way of tracking this but for now you can check out the geeklist here: Games I Want to Learn. And I always welcome game suggestions!

Because I Totally Needed a New Project

The last thing I expected to do when I moved to California is become addicted to board game nights. I’d been involved in a weekly game night with friends back in Massachusetts, but other commitments meant I hadn’t made it in years. I expected board games to be a great way to make new friends off and on, but not something I’d spend more than a few nights a month doing.

Instead, board games quickly took over. What started as a night a week playing Netrunner turned into two to three nights a week playing games for as long as 9 hours at a go, attending board game conventions in L.A., and eventually even hosting a monthly games day at my church.

I just started a blog to record my plays of Mysterium for the 100 Play Challenge on Board Game Geek, and because I don’t already have enough random pieces in my life to keep track of, I decided that writing about ALL of my gaming would be a fun project. Woo.

It’ll be a few days until my next tabletop game night, so I’m taking a break… with some video games and anime. First, a few rounds of this gem that I downloaded onto my 3DS last week called Pocket Card Jockey. You literally race horses by playing Solitaire. The better you are at Solitaire, the better your horse races. It’s ridiculous and completely addictive. Whenever I mention it, my friends look at me like I’m crazy. Of course these are probably the same naysayers who scoffed at me when I started playing Neko Astume, and then became addicted themselves. (I might have just made that up.) It’s hard being a trendsetter but someone has to do it. 😉

I also have a borrowed copy of  “The Cat Returns” (old Studio Ghibli film) that’s been waiting on my bookshelf for me to watch it, so I figure that’s a good thing to do on a lazy night by myself.

Next board game night is Wednesday, so I’ll have more to say about actual tabletop games after that. This week is looking like a busy one for games, so stay tuned!

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