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Gamer Problems

Us gamers have weird problems. Mine, at the moment, are:

– After surviving hours of of zombie onslaught in our heavily fortified base on Friday night in 7 Days to Die, exactly one quarter of the rooftop farm I spent hours working on inexplicably collapsed under my feet at midnight as I tilled one of the last squares of soil, and I plummeted 60 m to my death. As of yet, no one in my group (which comprises several engineers and computer programmers) has been able to figure out how to fix this. Game physics are weird.

– I only played THREE games this past weekend. And two of them were video games. That is not nearly enough.

– Kyle and I were dragged through the streets, presumably to our death, by a creepy Innsmouth Mob on Sunday night after they burned down the dock that was our only hope of escape from the town. Jerks. (Image below is not of the scary mob, but of the investigators (one of whom is insane) waiting for this Deep One Hybrid to find us. This is before they lit the hotel and the docks on fire.)


– Everyone other than me at our Gamechurch staff meeting yesterday has a Switch now, and they won’t stop talking about Mario and Zelda. I am feeling like an outcast and a bad gamer.

– My Mansions of Madness figures and monster tokens don’t want to stay in their bases, so I think I’m going have to buy some model glue. And a craft knife if I don’t already have one. Also my Star Spawns won’t keep their wings open. Also I want to paint them all. But that’s a rabbit hole I’m not sure I want to start down again…

– It’s over a week into the new year and I have yet to play a single new-to-me game for my 100 x 1 challenge.

– I’ve played my semi-annual game of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime with Kyle. Now who knows how long it will take before we get together to take on the next level and fight Orion. cry And our little pink gumball spaceship is so badass now!

On the plus side, I did manage to stay awake until midnight on Friday night (the first time in weeks that my interest has lasted that long!), and I’m starting to get excited about the possibility of going to Orccon in a month. All good signs for my mental and emotional health.

New Year of Gaming

Happy 2018! Despite feeling like a useless, tired, unenthusiastic lump most of the long weekend, I did manage to spend a good chunk of it gaming.

Friday night my roommates Percephony and runtsta and their best friends gathered to celebrate runtsta’s birthday and play some Gloomhaven, and I retreated to my room to log on and play some 7 Days to Die with some other guys from our gaming group including daylighter and duggo42. We spent the evening leveling the top of a mountain and then after I logged off early at 10 they proceeded to stay up until 3am building a frickking tall tower. You know, the normal kind of exciting things you do on a Friday night… 

Saturday I dragged myself down to our Saturday gaming meetup where I mostly felt like myself (until I ran out of steam and had to go home around 9) and ended the year with three more new games for my 100×1 challenge, including an introduction to Kingdom Death: Monster. I’ve been watching our friend Oscar be obsessed with it from a distance and have been curious about playing with him. I’m still skeptical about the idea that hunting the same three monsters over and over again won’t get dull, but so far I’m intrigued enough to play through a couple more sessions and see. It has a lot of game elements that I find really appealing, and generally I trust his taste in games.

On Sunday the roomies and I ordered pizza and had a few friends over to hang out for the evening. I had been invited to a party and also to go out swing dancing, but I didn’t feel up to being around a lot of people, so I declined both offers. My original plan was Netflix and early to bed. I’m afraid I wasn’t great company and staying up until midnight was rough (and shows where I’m at health-wise considering I was not-infrequently staying up dancing or gaming until after midnight over the summer without trouble, even a few times on worknights). I’m grateful to our friends that they didn’t drag me up to the dining room to play board games and instead were willing to play Fibbage 2 and Quiplash for hours.

But I would have been happy to play some medium-light tabletop games… if I could have played them from the couch. Why is this not a thing? Tabletop games that can be played without a common surface? This would be a great addition to my games collection. There are times that I am torn between playing a game and staying comfy in the living room, but even a lot of party games these days require a surface for cards or a board. We all have smartphones – what about games for Steam that we could stream to our TV and play on our phones, like Fibbage, but that are more serious strategy type games? I suppose Bidiots fits into that category (another Jackbox game we tried out on Sunday night,) but I never fully understood what we were doing. Maybe we need to give it another try.

Finally, yesterday, I was invited to try out TI 4th ed with some friends, but wasn’t feeling up to an 8 hour game or gaming with more strangers. After binging “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell” all day on Netflix, my roommates played another game of Monuments with me, and I lost miserably. That’s what I get for playing with people who are a lot smarter than I am…

Now that I’m feeling a tiny bit more like myself and the holidays are over, my Pandemic Legacy group will be reunited this Wednesday, and I’m sure that people will be bringing their new Christmas acquisitions.

Moar Mysterium

The session report from Wednesday’s game of Mysterium is done, as well as a session report for a session I played last night with a group of three brand new psychics. Read them here:

Mysterium Game #11 – Ghosts are Difficult Creatures

Mysterium Game #12 – Seances are Serious Business

Tonight’s gaming adventure involves some indie roleplaying games, including one about Extraordinarily Horrible Children, and possibly one about a creepy Witch House, or a science fiction game I’ve been itching to try for years called Shock: Social Science Fiction.

Also, I am now riding a horse called Fire Boy in Pocket Card Jockey. He is as awesome as he sounds and everything I could ever want in a racehorse. His owner, Mr. Blingman, is pretty happy with all the winning I’ve been doing. Except that I’ve lost a couple races in a row now that he’s getting closer to being an adult, and unless I can level him a lot more before he matures, he’ll have to be retired to the farm in not too much longer. Being a jockey is hard work! Even if you’re just a Solitaire jockey.

Because I Totally Needed a New Project

The last thing I expected to do when I moved to California is become addicted to board game nights. I’d been involved in a weekly game night with friends back in Massachusetts, but other commitments meant I hadn’t made it in years. I expected board games to be a great way to make new friends off and on, but not something I’d spend more than a few nights a month doing.

Instead, board games quickly took over. What started as a night a week playing Netrunner turned into two to three nights a week playing games for as long as 9 hours at a go, attending board game conventions in L.A., and eventually even hosting a monthly games day at my church.

I just started a blog to record my plays of Mysterium for the 100 Play Challenge on Board Game Geek, and because I don’t already have enough random pieces in my life to keep track of, I decided that writing about ALL of my gaming would be a fun project. Woo.

It’ll be a few days until my next tabletop game night, so I’m taking a break… with some video games and anime. First, a few rounds of this gem that I downloaded onto my 3DS last week called Pocket Card Jockey. You literally race horses by playing Solitaire. The better you are at Solitaire, the better your horse races. It’s ridiculous and completely addictive. Whenever I mention it, my friends look at me like I’m crazy. Of course these are probably the same naysayers who scoffed at me when I started playing Neko Astume, and then became addicted themselves. (I might have just made that up.) It’s hard being a trendsetter but someone has to do it. 😉

I also have a borrowed copy of  “The Cat Returns” (old Studio Ghibli film) that’s been waiting on my bookshelf for me to watch it, so I figure that’s a good thing to do on a lazy night by myself.

Next board game night is Wednesday, so I’ll have more to say about actual tabletop games after that. This week is looking like a busy one for games, so stay tuned!