Nope, still losing…


by April-Lyn Caouette

After swearing I’d post after each games night… I’ve now missed two. Not out of perfectionism, but plain forgetfulness.

The highlight from Wednesday was that I got to play two of my favorite games with people who hadn’t played them before: Puerto Rico and Alien Frontiers. Puerto Rico is one that I gave away when I moved to California, and I was glad to find someone else who owned a copy they wanted to play. It’s one of those classics I think everyone burned out on long ago but still stands the test of time. I think my favorite part of it is that while there isn’t a ton of direct player interaction, you do need to pay attention to what your opponents are doing. Sometimes the best move is to make a move that will block your opponent from scoring more points than you. Too many euros are glorified games of solitaire. I also like that victory points are hidden, so at some level you need to keep track of how many points your opponents are scoring as you go. Are they making lots of shipments? Are those chips in front of them all fives or all ones? How much trouble are you in, really? It was a joy to be able to share this game for the first time with a friend who is no stranger to Euro games.

Then on to Alien Frontiers, which the other J hadn’t played before. Honestly my favorite thing about that game isn’t the game play at all. It’s the components. The artwork so accurately reflects the golden age of sci-fi cover art that it was inspired by, down to the colors they used. I love the mechanic of rolling dice and placing them as workers. And the only thing that would make the little plastic colonies from the Upgrade Pack better is if they were tiny snow globes I could shake between turns to keep myself entertained.

Saturday I played my brand new copy of This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us, which besides having an entertaining title is a great little filler game. Also had a chance to play another game of 7 Wonders Duel, which I have decided I enjoy a good deal more than 7 Wonders. Although I’m also feeling the itch to add 7 Wonders to our regular rotation again for when we need a 7 player game. I was sick of it for a long time, but I think I’m ready to play it again.

This weekend the Ventura County Strategy Boardgamers are hosting two consecutive Thanksgiving weekend gaming days: FATDOG (Friday After Thanksgiving Day Of Gaming) followed by DOGCAT (Days Of Gaming Continued After Thanksiving), which I’m hosting at my church building. I will do my best to NOT forget to post about those two events!
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Winning against Perfectionism

by April-Lyn Caouette

I haven’t posted to this blog for a long time because my expectations for myself got in the way. I have these grand ideals about posting lengthy analyses about every game night, complete with pictures, and when I’m attending 7-10 game nights a month, that just gets ridiculous. Maybe I can work my way back up to that as I get back into the habit.

When I can’t meet my grandiose goals for myself, the voice of my inner critic paralyzes me and I decide that rather than do a half-assed job and fail to live up to expectations, I’ll just quit altogether. Pretend it doesn’t exist.

I’ve decide that’s dumb and I’m setting a new goal for myself: each time I game, write about one particularly memorable moment. Just a paragraph or two to start. I know some of you were enjoying my longer stories, but if I don’t start this way I’ll never get going again.

Next game night is tomorrow, so feel free to hold me to that and send angry messages if you don’t see a post. 🙂
Source: GitNG @ BoardGameGeek